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Harvest View Puppies

Welcome to HarvestView Puppies!

Harvestview Puppies

We are a family owned and family run business. We absolutely love our puppies and have been breeding them since 1999

Our dogs are housed in environmentally controlled buildings that comply with the Pennsylvania State requirements. Our kennel is registered with the state of Pennsylvania and the American Kennel Club who perform regular unannounced inspections, When state regulations change we make sure we change our operations to stay in compliance. We are proud to have years of inspections with no violations.

We Breed Them

All of our puppies parents are selected and raised by Harvestview and live happy and healthy lives in a loving environment.

We Raise Them

Our pups live in our state of the art facility with love and care.

We Deliver Them

We deliver our pups all across the U.S. in the most safe and efficient delivery systems to get them to you fast.



23 Years of Breeding Experience!