Shipping Your Puppy

SHIPPING IS VERY SAFE, FAST, AND CONVENIENT. IT MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO PURCHASE THE PUPPY OF YOUR DREAMS EVEN IF IT IS IN A DIFFERENT STATE! The airlines that ship puppies have special environment controlled compartments for shipping animals. There are specific protocols for handling and transporting animals that comply with mandated requirements for the type of animal, the breed and the size of the animal they are handling. This includes the time the plane may be on the tarmac and when the pet may be changing flights. We use only the airlines that guarantee their practices comply with the mandated requirements.

Shipping requirements

Your puppy must be 8 weeks of age to fly.

Puppy and shipping price payment must be paid in full prior to puppy being shipped, this is mandatory, so we can make flight arrangements.

Your puppy will be examined by our licensed veterinarian to ensure your puppy is in excellent health, and then he/she is issued a Health Certificate to prove he/she is in optimal health! The airlines must have this health certificate in order to allow the puppy to fly!

Shipping Costs

Shipping is extra. A young puppy (8 to 12 weeks) is $500. The shipping charge includes airline ticket, health certificate, airline approved carrier and airport gas fee. Shipping prices listed are US only. We like to fly United Airlines but will use Delta when United flights are not available for the destination required. Delta is $600 ($100 more than United) and have more flight options.

Picking up your puppy at the airport

When the shipping day arrives I will drop your pup off at the airport. At that time I will call you and confirm all flights are as scheduled and confirm all details.

Go to the cargo area, show your photo I.D. and take your new baby home.

Straight To Your Door Delivery

Don’t want to drive to pick up your puppy? No worries! For a small fee we will get your new puppy delivered straight to your doorstep (depending on distance).

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