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Bella is getting bigger and we just love her to pieces! – 4/2018

CJ is nine months old now. We just love her! –

Rocco is 40 lbs now and is doing great! A real heart melter. He is healthy and as fit as can be! He has not met a stranger yet. Him and our Frenchy are best buds now.  He’s a wonderful pup!  – 1/2020

We are going through potty training. Fortunately we have an older dog that he is mimicking! – 2/2020

We picked up our puppy in Jan. Her name is “Elke.” She is much loved and beautiful. Now at 28 lbs she is able to take long walks and has brought us lots of joy!  Please share this with Crist, I hope this brings a smile to his face.  He is a great breeder! – 3/2020

Cassius is an awesome pup! – 4/2020

Wanted to let you know that things are going great with Amber.  She’s a fantastic puppy, super cute, and well behaved for a puppy.  We just love her, thanks so much. Our other boxer and her get along fantastically.  Thanks again Crist! – 4/2020

Samson is the best!  Thanks! – 4/2020

I just want you to know I’m in love! She is an absolute sweetheart, she follows me everywhere and knows her name Harper already! – 8/2020


Bailey formerly known as Lilly had her first check up with the veterinarian and she passed with flying colors!

Athena is settling in nicely!


Freddie is doing great! – 8/2020


Bowser made it safe and sound, delivery person was very professional and took good care of him.  Thank you! – 8/2020


Jax is great!  It’s only been a couple of weeks and he fits right in.  Thanks! – 8/2020


We love our puppy so much!  Winnie is doing great and settling into our family nicely. – 9/2020

Happy Homes Gallery

some of our pups in their forever homes

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